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The taste voyage of Ergül Şekerleme (Ergül Candies) which has become famous for its jam and Turkish Delight within a short time by virtue of its traditional taste and quality started in Bursa. Our company whose name became a known brand day by day in the whole country started manufacturing tahini halva in the 90’s, and then manufactured hazelnut cream with cacao. In addition to its manufacturing such products, our company presents many other packaged products such as molasses, honey, and butter to consumers.


over 40 years

Our culinary journey, where we produce unique flavors, has been continuing for more than 40 years with care and meticulousness. Indispensable Ergül products are obtained by blending the fresh fruits plucked from their branches with special recipes. Ergül flavors complete the production process that reaches happy tables under hygienic conditions. Ergül Company, experience is hidden in its taste.


There are some flavors that have taken their place at the head of traditional tables for generations. Ergül Confectionery, the producer of delicious, healthy and vitamin-rich foods, whose taste and quality has not changed for generations.


We always produce with the same taste and unlimited quality so that we can always be unforgettable so that the marks on the palates of our loyal consumers are not erased, and we present them to you with pleasure.

Ergül Company, a unique taste that does not break with the traditional